Wix Takes a Jab at WordPress with Overwelming New Marketing Project

Wix is taking direct target at WordPress in a brand-new puzzling marketing project that started over the weekend with deliveries of Bose noise-canceling earphones landing in the mail boxes of popular WordPress users. At the end of December, 2020, Wix sent the following Twitter DM to a group of individuals it considered “influencers from the tech market,” getting their addresses in order to provide a box:

In the last couple of months, my group and I have actually been dealing with a brand-new ingenious principle. We have actually loaded this principle into a complimentary, no strings connected box that we ‘d like to show you as one of our picked influencers from the Tech market.

I understand the details I have supplied you is standard, however the factor is that I do not wish to destroy your experience (and let’s be truthful, what’s more enjoyable than being amazed on the vacations?)

Receivers were advised to scan a QR code to see a one-minute video where a guy serves as a personified “WordPress” making strange claims:

“Obviously, Wix is bring out a project trashing me. I simply desire you to understand that it’s absolutely phony news, entirely phony. They’re simply spreading out lies since they’re envious of our relationship.”


The message of the video is unclear and it ends with a couple of snide jabs referencing “tired memory” and WordPress’ market share.

The most typical response to the surprise earphones was confusion. Lots of receivers had no concept what Wix was attempting to interact with the present.< div data-carousel-extra =" wix-takes-a-jab-at-wordpress-with-bewildering-new-marketing-campaign ""class ="wp-block-embed __ wrapper" readability="6.0171428571429"> I do not comprehend their objective. Am I expected to begin utilizing their service since they sent me some earphones I do not desire?– Michael Torbert(@michaeltorbert)April 5, 2021 A couple of individuals viewed the video to be amusing and saucy. WordPress factor Aaron Campbell discovered it off-putting.”The video takes some odd snipes at WordPress, however the entire total feel is a bit shady/dirty. Not a fantastic try to find Wix in my viewpoint,”Campbell stated after getting the earphones in the mail.” I believe I ‘d be great with it if it weren’t signed as’From WP’and’ Yours, WP.’By the time I got to viewing the video I currently had that bad taste in my mouth.”Some hypothesized that it might be the very first act in a weird marketing legend of Wix targeting WordPress. Others were accidentally encouraged the earphones were in fact from WordPress, because the ad utilizes WordPress’hallmark in the video. This might be an offense of the WordPress Structure’s hallmark policy, however

Mullenweg called out Wix for copying GPL code from the WordPress mobile app and dispersing it in its exclusive app. This rendered the whole app in infraction of the GPL. Rather of adhering to the GPL, Wix reacted by eliminating the GPL-licensed code and forking the initial MIT-licensed library that the WordPress mobile app code was built on. The fork was relicensed under a ridiculous adjustment of the MIT that forbids the code’s redistribution under any copyleft license. In October 2020, Wix passed Drupal as fourth most popular CMS, according to W3Techs. Because that time, Squarespace has actually grown to surpass Wix, pressing the CMS back into fifth location with 2.4%of the marketplace. It’s just natural that Wix would wish to target WordPress, the marketplace leader at 40.9 %. The technique of misrepresenting WordPress, while sending out earphones to prominent users and factors, was unpleasant and difficult. Wix has not yet reacted to my ask for talk about its brand-new marketing project. Share this: Like this: Like Packing …

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