Vue 3

Vue 3

It’s out! Congrats to the Vue group for getting it done, I understand it was a long time and an enormous effort coming. All brand-new docs, also.

I like it’s still a top priority that Vue can be utilized with simply a < tag without any develop procedure at all. It's all set for construct procedures too.

Vue 3.0 core can still be utilized through an easy tag, however its internals has actually been re-written from the ground up into a collection of decoupled modules. The brand-new architecture offers much better maintainability, and enables end users to slash off approximately half of the runtime size by means of tree-shaking. If you particularly wish to have a have fun with Vue Single

File Parts(SFCs, as they state,. vue files), we support them on CodePen in our purpose-built code editor for them. Enter Into Pen Settings > JavaScript and flip Vue 2 to Vue 3. The train keeps moving too. This proposition to expose all element state to CSS is a terribly cool concept.

I truly like the concept of CSS having access to whatever that is going on a website. Things like worldwide scroll and mouse position would be extremely cool. All the state taking place on any offered element? Heck yeah I'll take it.

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