The Web is for More Than File Watching

< img src=" "class="ff-og-image-inserted"> I poked at a tweet from Ken Kocienda over the weekend:

I do not understand Ken, so I feel a little bad for being severe. I have not altered how I feel. Stating “Web web browsers are for seeing files” is ridiculous to me at this moment, and recommending it’s “the greatest incorrect turn in the history of computing” seems like “your profession in web advancement is void” and when individuals dig at what I do, I infamously do not take it well.

The point is ridiculous anyhow. Ken published this on Twitter-dot-com, and after that followed up with a link to task posts. I hope all of us can see that Ken was actually leveraging the not-just-a-document-viewer nature of the web to assist spread his message and assist himself. It seems like stating “vehicles are bad” and after that getting in your automobile to go to the supermarket.

Ship: cruised. The web is exceptionally feature-rich far beyond seeing files. I understand the argument is that this was an error, not that web internet browsers aren’t presently efficient in more. If that holds true however, what would you have the web do? Start removing away functions? Should we remove web browsers to record audiences? Perhaps we simply hand the secrets to Facebook and we’ll simply do whatever they state we ought to (lolz).

A super-capable open web is outstanding. It indicates we can develop things on open requirements on the open web instead of things on exclusive innovations in walled gardens. It’s the much better location to develop things. URLs alone are a factor to develop on the web.

There is still subtlety to getting it ideal. I delighted in Noam Rosenthal’s infant bear porridge “Should The Web Expose Hardware Capabilities?”, which starts by going over Alex Russell’s “Platform Adjacency Theory”:

< blockquote class ="wp-block-quote is-style-default"readability="9.7095435684647"> I relate with the author’s enthusiasm for keeping the open web pertinent, and with the issue that going too sluggish with boosting the web with brand-new functions will make it unimportant. This is enhanced by my dislike of app shops and other walled gardens. As a user I can relate to the opposite viewpoint– I get woozy in some cases when I do not understand what sites I’m searching are not capable or capable of doing, and I discover platform limitations and auditing to be soothing.

Possibly we simply take it sluggish and do things thoroughly. Excellent sluggish. Slow, like brisket.

We’re doing that now, if by mishap. Google advances incredibly rapidly. Apple states hang on there, there are security concerns here. And a smidge of vice-versa. I ‘d mention the other forces at work, however I think we’re kinda down to 2 significant internet browser supplier gamers. Not to discount rate Mozilla, however the options they make with the web platform do not impact the momentum of the web all that much at the minute.

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