ProfilePress Rebrands and Repurposes WP User Avatar, Now a Subscription Plugin, Users Revolt by means of the WordPress Evaluation System

Less than 2 weeks after releasing about the damaged user experience of the previous Dark Mode plugin being relabelled and repurposed, another plugin advancement business chose to do the very same. The agreement appears to be that this is a bad concept. The ProfilePress Group relabelled and repurposed the WP User Avatar plugin.

Rather of an easy, single-purpose custom-made avatar service, it is a full-fledged user registration, login, profile, and subscription management plugin.

It is now called ProfilePress. Let’s call it ProfilePress Lite since there is a business element where you can update to the real ProfilePress premium plugin. We require to distinguish the 2. Plus, the plugin itself utilizes that term, a minimum of as soon as, in the admin.

The distinction in between the Dark Mode switcheroo and this one is that WP User Avatar has more than 400,000 active installs, and users are voting with their feet. And their rankings. In the previous two days, the plugin has actually gotten an incredible 60+ one-star evaluations– and counting. The assistance group has actually currently needed to close 2 online forum subjects. An evaluation entitled “Unanticipated modifications, anticipated responses” summarize the scenario.

Over 400,000 users can do a great deal of damage in a bit of time.

A portion of a portion of a portion of those 400,000 users can knock a reputable 4.4 ranking to 3.6 in 2 days.

When nobody from the business reacts to any of the 60+ evaluations, it appears like you have something to conceal. Those are 60+ chances to a minimum of effort to smooth things over.

Pre-3.0, WP User Avatar was an easy plugin for handling how avatars were dealt with on the website and enabling custom-made image submits on a per-user basis. In the plugin’s eight-year history, users had actually pertained to anticipate a strong plugin that managed something and managed it well.

The original settings screen for the WP User Avatar plugin.
Settings screen for pre-3.0 WP User Avatar In April 2020, the plugin changed hands. ProfilePress had actually taken over from Flipper Code, the job’s only factor given that 2014. Bangbay Siboliban was noted as the plugin owner from 2013-2014. If this was an acquisition or an easy transfer, it is uncertain. Neither the previous nor the present owner has actually reacted to an ask forremark at this time. Under brand-new ownership and its variation 2.2.5– 2.2.9 plugin upgrades in the previous year, whatever appeared to be status quo. ProfilePress kept the plugin going, repairing bugs for numerous

Settings screen for the new ProfilePress plugin, which showcases multiple tabs for membership settings.
releases. Up until 2 days back, users were most likely uninformed that a tidal bore of modification was roaring their method.

No statements on the ProfilePress blog site. No sticky subjects in the assistance online forum. Simply, here’s your brand-new subscription plugin that you didn’t request. Users

were welcomed with a brand-new settings screen and a lot more, an admin that was hardly identifiable. ProfilePress(previously WP User Avatar )settings screen. As one user put it, “What the heck? Upgraded plugin and all of a sudden I have a complete subscription option.” “You had the plugin WP User Avatar that did one particular function– included an avatar to users like when they leave talk about the blog site,”composed another customer.” Now I go to upgrade it, and BOOM, a 100 % totally various plugin takes its location.”ProfilePress, the premium plugin, released in 2015. It is a recognized item with an existing userbase. I can not picture any situation that makes good sense where the business takes a different plugin that it got and implants a lite variation of its

premium item within. Other than to profit from the 400,000 + active installs for a simple and fast earnings. The knee-jerk response is normally to require the Plugin Evaluation Group carry out a guideline versus it. Some circumstances are less outright than others. Drawing a subjective line in the sand can be a hard ask of them.

I am occurring to the concept of putting this choice into the hands of users. They are utilizing the evaluation system in the method it was suggested to be utilized. Let them drizzle down all way of hell on plugin authors who do this. Let them prop up another plugin with their numbers and give out radiant first-class evaluations for it. WP User Avatars (with an’s’) was a good option the last I attempted it.

Still, I question just how much this injures the plugin with its active set up overall. When the dust settles, the owner may just capitalize and weather the storm on the users left standing. Even if they lost a not likely quarter or half of their set up count, they are still in a position to make money from premium upgrades. Construct a brand-new base from users who are uninformed of this present ordeal.

The more business that do it without effects, the most likely it ends up being a pattern. WP User Avatar’s, ProfilePress’s, ahem, ProfilePress Lite’s users remain in open disobedience. Possibly the marketplace will just choose.

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