June 2020 upgrade: Backlink export and a variety of UX fine-tunes

The last 3 months have actually been truly challenging for a number of us. At Mangools, we likewise felt a few of the repercussions of the pandemic and we needed to commit some additional time to handle the circumstance.

Yes, we had larger strategies, however let’s concentrate on the positives. We still handled to establish and deliver some helpful brand-new functions and UX enhancements while doing some behind-the-curtain work which will assist us bring some amazing things in the future.

1. Background export in LinkMiner

We had this one in our item stockpile for rather a long time. Basically, we now offer you a choice to export bigger quantities of backlinks for a particular domain or URL. The procedure is not immediate as we need to get all those backlinks from our API supplier (Majestic) then add and bring all the extra information you are utilized to see in LinkMiner like Alexa Rank and our own metric, the LinkStrength.LinkMiner backlink export empty screen.

It ought to use up to thirty minutes to complete, depending upon the asked for export size. We

LinkMiner export finished email

will likewise inform you by means of an e-mail, with a direct link to download the export CSV file. You can see the present state of the export in the Export control panel. 1.1 Resources and constraints As a part of the procedure we increased the variety of backlink rows you can examine rather substantially: Standard strategy: 100,000 backlinks monthly Premium strategy: 500,000 backlinks monthly Firm strategy: 1,200,000 backlinks each month This boost ought to ideally repair the concerns a few of you may have after we altered the variety of outcomes returned per search. You can utilize these resources both for typical search and the export function. The limitation resets on the first day of every month at midnight (UTC time).

LinkMiner backlink export

There is a cap of 50,000 backlinks per one export. This is primarily due to API constraints( however it would be rather hard to manage such huge CSV files anyhow). We developed this function not to export each and every single backlink a domain has(as that may be millions in many cases )however rather as a complementary analysis to our timeless search. May be specifically helpful for those, who like to do some additional analysis utilizing their spreadsheet abilities 1.2 Metrics and information

In the exported CSV file, you will see all the typical information and metrics consisting of the Link Strength, Alexa Rank and Facebook Shares. We wished to keep the information structure constant with the normal search in LinkMiner.

Example export in LinkMiner for mangools.com

1.3 Filtering and advanced use You can use the very same sophisticated filters as you are utilized to in the normal search.

Fantastic method to make much better usage of those backlink resources by getting simply the most appropriate backlinks. You can set a minimum Citation Circulation and Trust Circulation to overlook the low-grade backlinks. 2. Enhanced” contribute to list”circulation in KWFinder Including keywords to a list is among the most secondhand functions in KWFinder. The organisation of keywords into lists is an important part of keyword research study in KWFinder. Just recently, we presented keyword faster ways and it was not playing all that great together.

Improved add to list message in KWFinder.

< img class=" aligncenter size-full wp-image-8070"data-src="https://websitedesign-usa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/june-2020-upgrade-backlink-export-and-a-variety-of-ux-fine-tunes-6.png"alt= "Enhanced contribute to note message in KWFinder." width="1366"height="768"data-srcset="https://websitedesign-usa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/june-2020-upgrade-backlink-export-and-a-variety-of-ux-fine-tunes-6.png 1366w, https://websitedesign-usa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/june-2020-upgrade-backlink-export-and-a-variety-of-ux-fine-tunes-19.png 300w, https://websitedesign-usa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/june-2020-upgrade-backlink-export-and-a-variety-of-ux-fine-tunes-20.png 768w, https://websitedesign-usa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/june-2020-upgrade-backlink-export-and-a-variety-of-ux-fine-tunes-21.png 1024w "data-sizes= "(max-width: 1366px)100vw, 1366px"> So we repaired that and likewise included some great touches like fast(

fuzzy-like)browsing, last picked list preselection and a one-click including. Conserving a 2nd each time you include a keyword to a list can accumulate in the long term. 3. Edit domains & revitalize share URLs in SERPWatcher We included a choice to alter the domain of live tracking. When you move your site to a various domain or subdomain, this is helpful in those unusual cases like. You can discover the choice in the three-dot menu in the leading right corner of the tracking.

SERPWatcher edit tracking domain

You are most likely acquainted with the easy sharing of tracking through a special share URL. We have actually included an alternative to revitalize the URL to limit the gain access to for individuals who may have had gain access to formerly however you do not desire them to see the tracking any longer.

SERPWatcher refresh share URL

When you’re simply showcasing somebody how it’s working however do not desire to see your live tracking information permanently, beneficial.< a href= "https://websitedesign-usa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/june-2020-upgrade-backlink-export-and-a-variety-of-ux-fine-tunes-8.png" >

4. Export international metrics and SERP functions in SERPChecker This was another highly-requested function. We have actually presented SERP functions in SERPChecker rather a long time back, and now we are likewise including a choice to export this information together with SERP results into a CSV file. Now, all the information you can see in the control panel will be exported.

5. Other repairs & & enhancements The pointed out, fine-tuned and enhanced formerly launched functions.

Particularly, we have:

  • included the choice to conserve any SERP page in SERPChecker to PNG (not simply the very first page),
  • enhanced the keyboard use throughout the apps to enable practically 100% keyboard use,
  • structured the cross-domain log in experience (you’ll see your avatar and “Go to App” link on all the landing pages once again),
  • enhanced all the search operates in the apps to utilize fuzzy search where suitable,
  • did a great deal of internal refactoring and under the hood enhancements.

There you go. As the scenario is improving and the Mangools group is lastly going to get together once again, you can eagerly anticipate other cool enhancements in the future!


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