January 2020 upgrade: dark mode, brand-new information, brand-new style

January 2020 upgrade: dark mode, brand-new information, brand-new style

The very first Mangools upgrade of 2020 is here! We have actually been striving to bring you some cool brand-new things.

What’s brand-new? Let’s

have a look at the information! Sign up with the dark side! If you deal with our tools in the night, you do not need to strain your eyes any longer.

By clicking the sun/moon icon in the leading navbar, you can change in between the light mode and dark mode.

If your system supports dark mode natively (Windows 10, iOS 13 and greater, macOS Catalina and greater, Android 10 and greater) there is an automated mode alternative. By picking this alternative the apps will change to dark mode immediately whenever your system does.

You can set your dark mode choice individually in each tool.

KWFinder dark mode
KWFinder darkmode

New rivals’information in KWFinder As
  • we assured when presenting the competitor-based keyword research study, we prepare to upgrade the database of the rival’s information in KWFinder routinely. What’s brand-new: you can see the rival’s keywords for the very first 100 positions rather of 10 as an outcome, we have the ability to spot more rivals and discover keywords for
    kwfinder competitor analysis app screenshot

    sites that do not rank on the first SERP To offer you an example, there were 318 keyword tips for the domain kwfinder.com prior to the upgrade:

    competitor data update KWFinder

    And now, there’s 1,000 keyword tips for the exact same domain in the very same area: LinkMiner and SERPChecker redesign As discussed in the Halloween upgrade, we continue with the style updates of our tools. LinkMiner: SERPChecker: Other little enhancements The brand-new, fresh style of LinkMiner and SERPChecker, we have actually likewise enhanced some other information in our

  • tools. Site sneak peek overhaul

    in LinkMiner What’s brand-new: you can change in between mobile and desktop sneak peek by default, you’ll see the mobile sneak peek you can conceal the

    sneak peek panel to totally concentrate on the list

    of the backlinks New search field and keyboard faster ways in LinkMiner To KWFinder and SERPWatcher, you can now utilize the search field and the keyboard faster ways in our backlink analysis tool. Photo positioning in SERPChecker We have actually moved the photo button to the easier location below the search field. By doing this, you can have the”photo mode”on and switch in between the SERPs more quickly. New fresh style of SERPWatcher reports We have actually upgraded the style of the rank tracking e-mail reports to compare with the redesign of SERPWatcher. Included bits

    SERPWatcher report

    now look like # 1 ranking in SERPWatcher Included bits are no longer the

    “position absolutely no”. Because Google has actually chosen to” de-duplicate”the SERP results that appear in highlighted bits (if you have a highlighted bit, you will not appear on the first SERP in the natural outcomes), we will count highlighted bits as the first position in SERPWatcher. Here’s an example with the keyword” leading keywords 2018″

    : And here’s the screenshot from the rank tracking in SERPWatcher:


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