How to explain component’s natural sizing habits

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=” ff-og-image-inserted” > PPK: When presenting width and height I describe that by default width takes as much horizontal area as it can, while height takes as little vertical area as possible. This results in a conversation of these 2 opposed designs that I excerpt below.My concern is

: which names do I offer to these designs?

The 3 alternatives:

  • inside-out and outside-in
  • context-based and content-based
  • extrinsic and intrinsic size

There is more context in the post.

I absolutely do not like outside-in and inside-out– they make my head spin. I believe I’m gon na elect intrinsic and extrinsic size. I hear those terms tossed around a lot more recently and the truth that they match the specifications is something I like. At the very same time, I do seem like content-based and context-based are perhaps a smidge more clear, however because they are currently abstracted and comprised, may too choose the abstracted and comprised term that currently has legs.

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