How to Develop a Marketing Media Set for your Podcast

With the surge in appeal for podcasts, it looks like almost everybody has actually begun one nowadays. Introducing your own program has actually never ever been simpler thanks to tools like and Zencastr (to name a few). That stated, many individuals who introduce a podcast do so with the concept that they’re going to strike it abundant by simply yakking into a microphone. It’s not rather that simple. It is simpler than you may believe. Sponsors will certainly desire to work with you if you have a strong marketing media set that showcases your podcast and its effect amongst audiences. Which’s when the cash begins rolling in.

What is a Marketing Media Package?

Simply put, it’s a brief package of details that you can supply marketers and possible sponsors with all the information of your program. You wish to make it as polished as possible due to the fact that these folks see lots, if not hundreds, of media sets weekly. You desire to make sure yours stands out (for the best factors).

There are some particular aspects that your marketing media set will wish to consist of, sort of market requirements that all marketers try to find.

  • who you are and what your podcast has to do with
  • data, such as variety of episode downloads, distinct users, and so on
  • other associated programs or networks
  • other collaborations and sponsors
  • listener demographics
  • what advertisement types you provide and just how much they cost
  • your contact information

You will have a quickly upgraded file that can progress as your podcast does if you can put these together in a single succinct bundle. Which will then generate a lot more sponsors and collaborations and marketers.

Putting It Together to Send out

And in regards to what you in fact send, even assembling a deck of slides in PowerPoint or Google Slides will let you have a properly designed file. If you have not ever utilized Canva in the past, we extremely recommend that. You can not just make your podcast art utilizing the tool, however likewise an extremely stunning marketing media package.

Keep in mind: if you do wind up utilizing a tool like Canva and a pre-designed design template, make certain to personalize it some with your own art and possessions and colors so that it represents you and does not appear like a carbon copy of somebody else’s program simply in case they picked the exact same design template. For this short article, we’re utilizing a premade design template from Canva to mock up a marketing media set for a fictionalized podcast and host.

1. Who You Are and What You Do

Or, in another method, what is your objective declaration!.?.!? Why did you produce this podcast, and what do you give the area that others do not? It does not need to be a long declaration, however it does require to encapsulate what your podcast and brand name mean. Something like this:

The Superfun Happytime Podcast makes every effort to have a sincere and open conversation about the truth of operating in the video games market while supplying pointers for enhancing story throughout all media.

It does not need to be anything complex, simply state what it is you’re attempting to do. And in regards to what you in fact send, you can simply fill up Canva, select a design template and paste it right therein.

advertising media kit mission statement

Likewise make certain to consist of any appropriate details about yourself and other hosts, particularly appropriate info about previous work or experience that would make partners and marketers wish to deal with you. 2. Data This may be the most essential component of your marketing media package. Your possible partners and

sponsors would like to know

precisely who they are marketing to. And the number of them there are. You are going to require to have a strong concept of your number of downloads, normally within a 4-6 week duration from an episode

‘s release. Consist of overall downloads within that time (which consists of back episodes, too ), and any group details you can get. Some hosts like Anchor do offer market info, as does Spotify for Podcasters. In basic, you’re going to would like to know as much as you can about your audience. Such as area, nation, age, gender, and so on This is likewise the location where you consist of any e-mail customers you may have, site stats, social statistics, and so on. You wish to make yourself as appealing as

possible, reaching one of the most audience members possible throughout all platforms. 3. Associations and collaborations Next up, you will wish to reveal who you’re dealing with and who you have actually dealt with in the past. If you can reveal that you have actually dealt with other business

, it’s type of like a recommendation page to

a resume. Do not stress if you have not had any collaborations yet. You can simply omit this slide up until you have actually discovered a couple of podcast sponsors to list. And if you’re associated with any other networks or programs, these sort of slides are a fantastic location to include them. If you have any analytical details about them, consist of that, too. It’s likewise great simply to reveal that your reach is not simply a single home, however multiples. 4. Advertisement Types and Rate Sheet The most fundamental part of your media package is your rate sheet. Normally, podcast marketing sponsorships are done by CPM, indicating that you make money X quantity per 1,000 listens. Host-read advertisements are the most pricey, as they are the most reliable and authentic. You can consist of pre-recorded advertisements, too, which can be placed anywhere you desire. Normally

in the past, at the mid-point

, or after the program (pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll). In addition, you can deal with sponsors to use free gifts or have them begin your program for an interview or you work an episode subject around their item (or item type). You can provide to do an episode about your preferred audiobooks that’s sponsored by a specific author’s brand name, where you’re producing typical material for your program, however you can then connect the subject back to your sponsor as you go through

the episode. The possibilities for advertisement types is almost limitless, and typically marketers and partners will deal with you to discover something that works for both of you. Contact Info These partners and marketers require to understand how to call you. Be sure to note any method that they can reach you. Be sure to just consist of methods that you react and inspect to frequently. You do not desire a prospective sponsor to email you at an address you examine as soon as a month. If you never ever respond to calls, or to provide you a phone call. Be sure to consist of a range of methods so that they can call you with as little friction as possible. Finishing up Your Marketing Media Package Needless to state, creating a rate sheet and marketing media package can be a difficult job. It’s a single file that represents your whole brand name. If you put in the time and energy to craft it to reveal to marketers how terrific you are to work with, it can be one of the finest benefits for your brand name you can think of. Does your podcast have a marketing media set? Why or why not? Post included image by PureSolution/

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