How Do Designers See Themselves? A Measured Appearance

How Do Designers See Themselves? A Measured Appearance

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SlashData. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible.For the very first time in our Q2 2019 Designer Economics study, we attempted to present designers in their own words by asking

them about how they see themselves. We offered a set of 21 words and asked to pick approximately 5 to form a word sketch of their character. We likewise provided the chance to offer their own

text description. Here’s what we got: Possibly unsurprisingly, almost 6 out of 10 designers state they are sensible. And as it ends up this is the most popular option of description throughout all software application advancement sectors, other than in video games advancement. Next in line, however some method behind, are the descriptors group gamer and introvert at 37% each. By contrast, simply 10% label themselves as an extrovert. Can you think which developers consider themselves less shy? Those associated with the AR/VR and IoT sector. Fascinating, best?

Carrying on to a somewhat more uncommon set of labels: there are a little more pet dog fans than feline individuals in the designer population, although the numbers are close at 15% and 13% respectively. A much higher distinction appears to exist though in between designers operating at night (night owls, 29%) and those who choose the fresh early morning breeze (early risers, 14%).


What about pastimes and extra time? A 3rd (33%)of designers state they are a reader, that makes it the most popular option amongst spare-time activities. It is carefully followed by 31%who state they are a player. Our information reveals that designers tend to view themselves in a different way as they age. More than one in 3 designers as much as the age of 34 years consider themselves to be a player, compared to less than one in 4 of the 35-44 age, and less than one in 5 of the 45-54-years. Older developers are most likely to explain themselves

as readers. “What’s this “reality”you’re discussing like? Is it comparable to WoW? Does it

work on a 64 bit OS?” Other activities such as music and sport score lower, at 20%and 17%. A low 7%make LEGO designs, although the appeal of LEGO appears to be quite reliant upon age. A reputable 12% of designers under 18 make LEGO designs, however the percentage halves to 6% within the age 18-24.

What about the creative ones?

Despite the fact that a designer’s work requires a high level of imagination, simply 14% usage “creative” to explain themselves. Those associated with video games or in increased truth and virtual truth advancement are even more most likely than others to utilize this word to explain themselves. 21% of video game designers and about 25% of AR/VR designers see themselves as creative, as compared to 16% or less of desktop, web and backend designers.

In out Q2 2019 Designer Economics study, a couple of developers were puzzled as to why we were asking the concern and contemplated if we were attempting to set up a dating website. Well, we weren’t! We were gathering the information to produce the State of the Designer Country Report, 17th Edition. Intrigued in signing up with forces with 40,000 designers worldwide in forming the future of the designer

community? Take our study.

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