Repairing Smooth Scrolling with Find-on-Page

< img src ="" class =" ff-og-image-inserted" > Back when we launched the v17 style( we’re on v18 now) of this website. I included html to the CSS. Away, I got remarks like this( simply one example): ... when you manage+ f or command+ f and browse on CSS-Tricks,

it'll scroll really gradually rather of snapping to the outcome, that makes discovering details and keywords on CSS-Tricks much slower. As somebody who utilizes this faster way often, this is a functionality problem for me. Not awfully long after, I simply eliminated it.

I didn't feel that highly about it, and the truth that you have practically no control over it, made me simply can the concept. I see it show up as a" CSS idea" a lot, so I chimed in with

my experience: < blockquote class=" twitter-tweet" data-width =" 500" data-dnt=" real" readability=" 8.7311178247734" >

< blockquote class =" twitter-tweet "data-width=" 500 "data-dnt =" real "readability=" 6.1393442622951" > You might attempt repair it with html: focus-within -- Christian Schaefer( @derSchepp) January 5, 2021 Love that! Christian blogged it: Smooth scrolling is subsequently used to whatever. Constantly. Even when

biking through the internet browser

's page search results page.
A minimum of that holds true for

For the page search it would be preferable for the internet browser to

make an exception to that rule and guideline deactivate smooth shut down. Till the Chromium group repairs it, here is a technique how to fixthe issue by yourself with a bit of additional CSS and HTML. If Chrome( or any other internet browser) would think about that a bug or not, I'm not sure. I question it's specced considering that find-on-page isn't actually a web innovation function. Anyhow, I much choose find-on-page without it.< pre rel =" CSS" class=" wp-block-csstricks-code-block language-css "data-line > html: focus-within It mainly works. The disappointment part about it is scenarios like this ...< pre rel =" HTML" class= "wp-block-csstricks-code-block language-markup" data-line >< a href =" #link -down-the-page "> Dive down ...< h2 id=" link-down-the-page" > Header That will leap the page down. With scroll-behavior: smooth; in location, that's kinda great. < h2 > is generally not

a" focusable" elementAspect With the technique above, there is now no focus within

< html > anymoreAny longer and the smooth scrolling is lost. If you wish to protect that, you 'd need to do:< pre rel=" HTML" class=" wp-block-csstricks-code-block language-markup" data-line >< h2 tabindex=">-1" id =" link-down-the-page" > Header

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