Divi Developer Display: Superfly

Hey Divi Country! Thank you for joining us for another episode of Divi Developer Display, where we speak with a Divi Developer from our Market– finding out everything about their story, items, and continuous journey as part of the Divi Neighborhood.

Today I am signed up with by Divi Developer Daniel of Superfly. He’s the developer of Divi Background Plus and Divi Under Building and presently has more than 1,200 sales and a 4 star score in the Divi Market. Let’s find out a bit more about Daniel and his productions.

Divi Developer Display: Superfly

Have a look at All of Superfly’s Products Divi Background Plus Divi Background Plus by Superfly is one of those extremely basic plugins that simply about everybody most likely desires, even if they do not understand it. When utilizing parallax images or videos, by default Divi does not permit background overlays and gradients. Unless you wished to produce that impact with custom-made CSS. This extension, nevertheless, includes a module to Divi that fills this impactful however little function space. The outcomes promote themselves.

What Makes it Unique: Includes No Effort Show-stopping Visuals to your Divi Site

Make your hero areas really impressive with this subtle however

rewarding visual result! Have A Look At Divi Background Plus

Divi Under Building

We have actually all existed. We’re dealing with a brand-new Divi site and we wish to get it up on our host to exercise any kinks prior to releasing. We set up a basic “under building” or “upkeep” plugin for WordPress and presume we’re all set. When we go to develop our splash page we can’t utilize the Divi Contractor, the only issue is that! That’s where Divi Building And Construction by Divi Extended enters play to make your life a great deal much easier.

What Makes it Unique: It Brings Divi to your Upkeep Page!

As you can distinguish the example above, this plugin makes establishing a customized coming quickly or upkeep page on your Divi site dead simple. And most importantly, you get to utilize any page you desire– consisting of pages developed with the Divi Contractor– as your splash page! That’s a function every Divi user ought to desire in their energy set.

Have a look at Divi Under Building

Till the Next Episode!

Thanks for taking a look at another installation of the Divi Developer Display series. We anticipate presenting you to more fantastic Divi Creators in future episodes. If you have an ask for a developer you wish to see highlighted, let us understand in the remarks.

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