Disable the WordPress Block Editor’s Fullscreen Mode With a Plugin

On Wednesday, Johan Jonk Stenström launched Fullscreen Mode B Gone to the WordPress plugin directory site. As the appealing title indicates, it eliminates the block editor’s fullscreen mode.

As anybody who chooses to opt-out of fullscreen mode understands, there are minutes when you log into WordPress and hop over to the post editor just to discover it is not in the state you last left it. It is a minor inconvenience however enough to moisten the user experience.

Almost 2 years earlier, Andrew Duthie opened a ticket for saving users’ editor choices to the database rather of their internet browser’s regional storage. This consists of standard settings like toggling whether fullscreen mode must be allowed. Regional storage is ruled out sticky, a minimum of temporarily. It can be cleared in a range of methods. This indicates that users should handle disabling the default fullscreen editor regularly than they should. It is likewise not saved when changing internet browsers, utilizing personal tabs, or when dealing with several websites throughout the very same network.

The supreme objective ought to be to constantly conserve choices on a per-user basis. There has actually been little motion on that ticket in the previous year. The majority of remarks have actually been available in the kind of closed duplicates.

In the meantime, users should search for alternative options. That’s where plugins like Fullscreen Mode B Gone provide some support.

The plugin is easy. It toggles the block editor’s fullscreen mode off. No matter whether users have actually changed web browsers, cleared their regional storage, or anything else, they can securely go into the editor without being bombarded by a various modifying experience.

WordPress block editor for new post without fullscreen mode enabled.
New post with fullscreen mode handicapped. Both an advantage and a drawback of the plugin is that it resets fullscreen mode each time the user opens the editor. It does not attend to the sticky problem. For users like me who choose to constantly have actually fullscreen mode handicapped or just turn it on every now and then, this is perfect. For users who desire WordPress to keep in mind the last state, it is best to

avoid this plugin. The default experience is much better fit to what you require. Among the important things I do not like about how the editor works is that it needs JavaScript for plugins to make modifications like this. Even if it is simply a couple of lines of code, it still requires another HTTP reaction simply to change a default setting. A minimum of with PHP, an easy filter would have been enough.

This is not Stenström’s very first editor-related plugin. He has actually a plugin entitled Fatso, which broadens the material canvas for users who choose more area when composing. Continuing with the “B Gone” branding, he launched Welcome To the Block Editor B Gone a week back. Comparable to his present plugin, it disables the block editor welcome message completely.

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