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8 Examples of Icon-Based Navigation, Improved with CSS and JavaScript

Icons are amongst the most flexible tools in a web designer’s toolbox. They can be utilized as eye-catching visuals almost anywhere on a site or app. Whether they look out users of a flash sale or a brand-new social networks notice, they generally understand throughout. Therefore, using icons in a website’s navigation looks like a […]

On Auto-Generated Atomic CSS

< img src="" class=" ff-og-image-inserted" > Robin Weser’s” The Shorthand-Longhand Issue in Atomic CSS” in an intriguing journey through a challenging issue. The point is that when you handle the task of transforming something HTML and CSS-like into real HTML and CSS, there are edge cases that you’ll need to program yourself out of, […]

3 Approaches to Integrate React with Custom Elements

In my role as a web developer who sits at the intersection of design and code, I am drawn to Web Components because of their portability. It makes sense: custom elements are fully-functional HTML elements that work in all modern browsers, and the shadow DOM encapsulates the right styles with a decent surface area for […]

Appropriate Tabbing to Interactive Components in Firefox on macOS

I simply needed to debug a concern with focusable components in Firefox. Somebody reported to me that when tabbing to a particular aspect within a CodePen embed, it shot the scroll position to the top of the page (WTF?!). I went to go debug the issue by tabbing through an example page in Firefox, and […]

Building an Ethereum app using Redwood.js and Fauna

With the recent climb of Bitcoin’s price over 20k $USD, and to it recently breaking 30k, I thought it’s worth taking a deep dive back into creating Ethereum applications. Ethereum, as you should know by now, is a public (meaning, open-to-everyone-without-restrictions) blockchain that functions as a distributed consensus and data processing network, with the data […]

How to Make GraphQL and DynamoDB Play Nicely Together

Serverless, GraphQL, and DynamoDB are a powerful combination for building websites. The first two are well-loved, but DynamoDB is often misunderstood or actively avoided. It’s often dismissed by folks who consider it only worth the effort “at scale.” That was my assumption, too, and I tried to stick with a SQL database for my serverless […]

Dynamic, Conditional Imports

With ES Modules, you can natively import other JavaScript. Like confetti, duh: import confetti from ‘’; confetti(); That import statement is just gonna run. There is a pattern to do it conditionally though. It’s like this: (async () => { if (condition) { // await import(“stuff.js”); // Like confetti! Which you have to import this […]

Fading in a Page on Load with CSS & JavaScript

< img src= "" loading =" lazy" alt =" Fading in a Page on Load with CSS & JavaScript" width =" 184" height =" 184 "class =" article_image" > When I go to a page, I get frustrated when I attempt to engage with aspects while the site is still filling. Typically things is walking […]

2 Problems Styling the Information Component and How to Fix Them

In the not-too-distant past, even standard accordion-like interactions needed JavaScript occasion listeners or some CSS … hoax. And, depending upon the service utilized, modifying the underlying HTML might get made complex. Now, the aspects (which integrate to form what’s called a ” disclosure widget”) have actually made production and upkeep of these elements fairly minor. […]