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How Film School Helped Me Make Better User Experiences

Recently, I finished a sixty-day sprint where I posted hand-coded zombie themed CSS animation every day. I learned a lot, but it also took me back to film school and reminded me of so many things I learned about storytelling, cinematography, and art. Turns out that much of what I learned back then is relevant […]

A Spreadsheet Importer You’ll Enjoy Using

A great developer tool takes a painful task that would normally be a developer’s entire job, and makes it a pleasure to do. As a personal example, I’ve needed to build an image uploading experience many times in the past. I’ve hand-coded them and experienced far too much pain doing that. Then I used Filestack […]

My WordPress Comments Wishlist

A built-in commenting system is one of the reasons people reach for WordPress (and often stay there long-term). While I do think having a comment system is compelling (and as big of a fan of building on WordPress as I am), I find the comments system on WordPress quite crusty. It needs some love! There […]

Libraries for SVG Drawing Animations

In 2013, Jake Archibald introduced this cool trick of animating an SVG path to look like it’s drawing itself. It’s 2020 now, and the trick is still popular. I’ve seen it on a lot of websites I’ve visited recently. I, too, feature an animated SVG loader on my website using one of the libraries I’ll […]

Create React App: Get React Projects Ready Fast

Create React App: Get React Projects Ready Fast – SitePoint Skip to main content Free JavaScript Book! Write powerful, clean and maintainable JavaScript. RRP $11.95 Starting a new React project isn’t that simple. Instead of diving straight into code and bringing your application to life, you have to spend time configuring the right build tools […]

How to Deal With Scope Creep in Website Design

Have you ever dedicated your energy and time to a task just to find your obligations growing far beyond the preliminary requirements?”This isn’t what I registered for,”you believe to yourself. “If just I ‘d understood what I was entering into.” You have actually experienced scope creep, and whether you encounter it in your expert or […]

Understanding flex-grow, flex-shrink, and flex-basis

When you apply a CSS property to an element, there’s lots of things going on under the hood. For example, let’s say we have some HTML like this: <div class=”parent”> <div class=”child”>Child</div> <div class=”child”>Child</div> <div class=”child”>Child</div> </div> And then we write some CSS… .parent { display: flex; } These are technically not the only styles […]


< img src="" class=" ff-og-image-inserted "> Sara tweeted something just recently that resonated with me: Likewise, Pro Idea: Utilizing ARIA associates as CSS hooks guarantees your element will just look (and/or function) correctly if stated qualities are utilized in the HTML, which, in turn, makes sure that they will constantly be included (otherwise, the […]