Construct an app for and possibly win BIG

Construct an app for monday is an online Work OS platform where groups develop custom-made workflows in minutes to run their jobs, procedures, and daily work.

Over 100,000 groups utilize to interact.

They have actually introduced a brand name brand-new app market for, suggesting you can include tools developed by third-party designers into your area.

You can develop apps for this market. You might construct a React app (structure does not matter) to assist make various groups in a company work much better together, incorporate other tools, make crucial info more transparent, or anything else you can believe of that would be beneficial for groups.

You do not require to be a user to take part. You can register as a designer and get a FREE account to take part in the contest.

Do an excellent task, impress the judges with the workmanship, scalability, effect, and imagination of your app, and possibly win big rates. 3 Teslas and 10 MacBook Pro’s are amongst the leading rewards. Not to discuss it’s cool no matter what to be among the very first individuals developing an app for this platform, with an integrated audience of over 100,000.

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