You can’t even take a look at code or documents for Astro (openly)yet– it’s an in-progress concept– however you can see a video of Fred revealing it off to Feross.

I got ta confess: it looks incredible. I’m bullish on 2 huge parts of this:

  1. Jamstack is an excellent concept. Making fixed, pre-rendered, very little (or no) JavaScript pages is clever.
  2. Elements are a great concept. Crafting user interfaces from composable parts is the proper abstraction. JavaScript does it best today due to the fact that of things like ES Modules, design template literals, web elements, deeply established tooling, and so on

. I’m a fan of Eleventy And this feels like Eleventy in a method, other than that I do not like any of the templating languages as much as I like JavaScript parts.

Here’s a list of some fascinating elements:

Baldur Bjarnason’s “Which kind of novelty-seeking web designer are you?” short article Bad: This is the very first sort of novelty-seeking web designer. Due to the fact that they are brand-new, the type that sees history just as a list of errors and that brand-new things need to be great. Why would any person make a brand-new thing unless it was an enhancement on the status quo? Ergo, it should be an enhancement on the status quo. Great: This is the other kind of novelty-seeking web designer, one who looks for to construct on the history and nature of the web rather of attempting

to change it.

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