16 Examples of Awesome Site Constructed with Divi (2021)

Divi, by Elegant Themes, is among the most popular web-building structures today. It has actually been utilized on over 2 million sites worldwide.

Divi can be found in 2 tastes: It’s either a WordPress style or a page contractor. While the style provides a site its look, the home builder offers you with the tools to produce material with its numerous on-page components.

This article lists sites utilizing Divi. Given that Divi is such a flexible item, you can develop any site with it, consisting of one-page sites, multi-page sites, blog sites, landing pages, or online shops.

Let’s begin checking out and see Divi in action.

Huntington YMCA’s main objective is to enhance neighborhoods by

concentrating on youth advancement, healthy living, and social obligation. The material utilizes the whole width of the page and consists of rounded images and brilliant colors. You’ll likewise see a sticky navigation bar that sits tight at the top, even when you scroll down the page.

The page is simple to browse and quickly to download.

Does your roofing require a renewal? If you live anywhere near the Ironton, Huntington, and Ashland Tri-State location, then think about Thoroughbred

Building Group for the task. After you have actually packed the house page, you plainly see what the business is all about and what they guarantee to you. After this text, you see the call to action (CTA) buttons, so you can get a price quote of the repair work or call them.

Thoroughbred utilizes sticky navigation on their website, making navigation in between various parts of the site simple.

Naxian Wave Orkos provides lodging in Drymalia, which becomes part of the Greek island Naxos. The primary menu sits at the top of the page. You can discover a Book Now button to the left of the navigation, which takes you to their appointment system. There, you can see

their houses in more information. The total style of the pages is white, similar to the structures found on Drymalia. The pages reveal huge pictures of the offered spaces. You can discover the contact details and client reviews, too.

Would you like to play golf? You might head out to the Wood Ridge Golf Club if you are in the Rochester location in New York. The web page opens with a full-width image of among the holes in the course. You can click the Book a Tee Time button in the

middle of the page to book your area on the golf course. The web page likewise includes useful info concerning the course, consisting of the contact info, consumer evaluations, and an intro to their centers.

When you scroll down any of the pages, you’ll observe smooth animation results on images.

At the end of the page, you discover a footer location. It consists of the navigation, integrated with the contact details and links to social networks profiles.

LOCAMAT is a Togo-based business in West Africa. It provides heavy lifting, dealing with, and truck services in Togo, Burkina Faso, Benin, and Ghana. The front page of the site includes a full-width animation, where the business reveals its services.

On the web page, you can likewise learn more about the kinds of services they provide. You’ll discover client reviews when you scroll down the page and details on calling them. You can rapidly leap from page to page by utilizing the sticky navigation at the top. In the footer location, you can join their e-mail list by entering your name and e-mail.

The business’s brand name color is red, and this exact same color is dominant on their pages, too.

When you get in the White Gorilla, you see a page-wide picture of a desktop. In the middle of this location, you find out that the business develops sites, web apps,

and digital experiences. Next, you’ll observe a black button that states”Start a Task.”White Gorilla’s site is an example of a one-page site. The header location consists of sticky navigation. Clicking any of the products on the menu makes you leap to a particular part of the page.

The general color pattern is white and black. The exception to this guideline is the workspaces, which includes their previous tasks with full-color images.

< img loading="lazy"width="900"height="307" src="https://websitedesign-usa.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/16-examples-of-awesome-site-constructed-with-divi-2021-6.png"alt class ="wp-image-39799"srcset ="https://websitedesign-usa.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/16-examples-of-awesome-site-constructed-with-divi-2021-6.png 900w, https://websitedesign-usa.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/16-examples-of-awesome-site-constructed-with-divi-2021-28.png 850w, https://websitedesign-usa.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/16-examples-of-awesome-site-constructed-with-divi-2021-29.png 241w" sizes=" (max-width: 900px )100vw, 900px "> Trafoos is an online shop that offers distinct styles on items like posters, tee shirts, or mugs. You can likewise develop your own if you do not discover the style you are looking for. You can begin shopping or developing your custom-made items by clicking the suitable buttons at the top of the page. When you scroll down the web page a bit, you’ll likewise discover all their shopping classifications and included items.

In the footer location, there is an opt-in type. When you sign up with the e-mail list, you’ll get unique styles and discount rates.

This site provides the real estate agents called the Langhirt Team. They are property representatives found in Columbus, Ohio. The web page shows a looping video, revealing all the numerous delighted experiences and memories a house can have.

When you scroll down the page a bit, you discover an intro to their group, followed by the included home and customer reviews.

You can discover the business’s contact details in the footer and links to social networks profiles, too.

Allianz is a worldwide monetary providers.

Allianz Brno is a main branch of the Allianz corporation situated in the Czech Republic. The site utilizes healthy and regulated colors to represent its brand name. On the homepage, you see a photo of their 3 regional representatives operating in the branch. This photo includes more trust towards the business.

A green CTA button lies at the top of the web page, asking you to get in touch with the company. Beside the CTA, you can likewise discover a telephone number if you wish to call them rather.

The web page offers you all the vital info about the business and the services they provide. The footer location supplies the contact details, with a map on how to reach them in Brno.

Alive deals different services, like IT or employee-related, for the German healthcare market. The web page consists of

a full-width video background, with a CTA button taking you to the services area. When you scroll down the page, you

‘ll see the images and other aspects stimulate a bit. You’ll likewise find out more about the business. The leading navigation takes you to numerous parts of the site, consisting of the business info, the list of services

they have actually established, and profession chances. Greene is a business from Spain, and their core concept is to eliminate waste and turn it into green energy. Given that environmental worths are at the heart of business, the site colors show these matters. Green color, integrated with dark and white grey/black, makes their site efficient.

The primary navigation sits at the top of the page. You will find out more about the waste elimination procedures with suitable CTA buttons when you scroll down. You can likewise discover the most recent article curated on the web page.

Le Kombucha is a site committed to making kombucha in the house. Kombucha is a sweet-and-sour beverage made from tea.

Some state this popular beverage is healthy for you, although the science hasn’t showed the health elements. When you get in Le Kombucha, you’ll observe a really happily developed site, with a huge e-mail opt-in type above the fold.

Keep scrolling down the page, and you’ll discover all the advantages the beverage needs to use. And while you are scrolling, see the subtle navigation occurring on-page components.

You land on a various page on the website if you click on the navigation products at the top. You would anticipate the style to remain the very same on sub-pages, however this is not the case. The sub-page design is rather various from the homepage.

You can likewise discover an online store where you can buy the items needed for making kombucha at house.

Assurance Dental Studio assures to bring a various experience to oral care. Generally, going to a dental practitioner can be a worried experience, however they desire it to be”relaxing, cleaning, and corrective “rather. You see a huge video background of waves at the beach when you land on the site. Ideally, these waves will have a soothing result on you. Later on down the page, you find out more about the oral center and the experience they want to provide.

At the top, there is a sticky CTA button, asking you to reserve a consultation with them. And when you scroll to the bottom of the page, you discover a huge footer location with their opening hours and links to other parts of the site.

EcoHost provides green hosting options for people and small companies. According to them, they utilize servers that are 100% powered by wind energy. They likewise plant a tree for every single month your site is hosted with them.

The website is a one-page site. The website utilizes sticky navigation, that makes walking around on the page simple.

You will discover CTA buttons above the fold. The black-colored one asks you to get going right now (with the hosting strategies), while the other offers you contamination realities. The latter button makes good sense; after all, this an environment-friendly webhosting.

At the bottom, you discover the Frequently Asked Question, followed by the black footer location, that includes a link to the prices area and an opt-in type.

As you would anticipate, the green color is dominant on this page. Integrated with other colors, you have a website that is pleasing to the eye.

Airocide is an air filtration system for houses. On the web page, you have 2 buttons.

You can discover more about the item or purchase it when you click either of them. Filling the page or clicking the inline links trigger subtle animation on different page aspects. You will likewise observe that the site utilizes huge, page-wide visual components on its pages.

You can leap back to the top of the page with the upward-pointing arrow on the ideal side of the page. You can likewise discover a Feedback link on the best side, where you can rank your site experience.

Feeling starving however do not wish to go to the dining establishment? Hey Fresto if you live in the UK! has actually got you covered. The concept behind the service is to provide tasty meals to your doorstep.

The web page opens with a full-width picture of a household consuming a meal. There is likewise a Start button in the center, so you can begin exploring what Hey Fresto! needs to provide.

The homepage has plenty of scrumptious images that the service provides to you. You can likewise include the very best seller foods to your shopping basket right on the front page.

At the end of the web page, you can discover an opt-in type. If you join their e-mail list, they provide you 20% off your very first shipment.

With the sticky navigation at the top, you’ll never ever get lost on the site. Huge vibrant images, managed animation on components while you scroll through, and fast-loading pages offer an outstanding impression of this food shipment service.

16 Examples of Awesome Site Developed with Divi: The Conclusion

In this post, I presented 16 sites that utilize Divi. You had the ability to discover a large choice of websites to see how effective Divi is.

If you were impressed by these sites like I was, and you wish to provide Divi a shot, we have something unique for you.

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